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Endgame at 67 Franklin Street
There’s a need to see and be seen, to express solidarity with neighbors and to share stories. And in that process a portrait of Americans alternately floodlit by police siren lamps and blinding light towers emerges.
"America’s Possibilities are Limitless"
Newsmotion producer and photographer Lindsey Leger walked around downtown Washington DC as President Obama's Second Inauguration unfolded, and took a look at some of the iconography of the event.
The Aftermath of a Connecticut School Shooting
Two students from the school at the Catholic church memorial service Friday night. They said the teachers didn't tell the younger students what happened but that they were old enough to know.
The Sound of Barking Dogs: The Eviction of the Roma from Belville
Matt Lutton and Darko Stanimirović document how a Roma camp is evicted by Belgrade city authorities in the name of progres. But the solution may be no better than the problem, as displaced residents end up in container housing far from downtown. Thanks to the European Roma Rights Center in Budapest...
The Children of Fukushima
In the aftermath of the nuclar disaster in Japan, life for millions of people has changed -- among them, the children, whose lives are confined and endangered by the continuing toxicity of radiation levels. 
View from Newsmotion Headquarters In Brooklyn
Floodwaters rose above six feet surrounding Newsmotion headquarters in Red Hook, Brooklyn Monday night, as "Superstorm" Sandy hit land in New York City. [Photo: Alan Chin]
One Day With the Rebels in Khaldeya, Syria
On a risky reporting mission to a suburb of Homs, Syria, David Degner finds a rebel base depleted but determined to continue its resistance
"High Tech, Low Life" -- a new doc looks at citizen journalism in China
A review essay of the new documentary High Tech, Low Life
War Songs: Youth Rappers in Eastern Congo
Agata Pietron travels to Nord Kivu in Eastern Congo and discovers the inspiration and hope for many youth: rap music. An exclusive multi-format piece, War Songs is their story. With photo slideshow, video, audio from one of the bands, and text.
The Price of Work: Iraqi Women in Public and Private
Kael Alford returns to Iraq for Newsmotion and a Knight Luce fellowship, and examines the changing roles of women in Baghdad since the war ended. The Price of Work: Iraqi Women in Public and Private is a multi-format story with slideshow and text.
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