Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How’s the 3-column interface coming?

We have already shared the alpha version with our Kickstarter contributors that aggregates “official,” “unofficial/independent media,” and “citizen” sources. If you want to be a Beta tester, we are taking applications now. Go to the Contribute page and apply for the position. We hope this interface will help to empower quality independent content by keeping it alive in a “news” ecology. The system is also designed as a commentary on the media itself, comparing how different sources portray stories. We think it’s important to aggregate content well and we are focusing on highlighting quality independent media and informed independent sources. Mainstream media can be found easily and everywhere.


Do you take pitches?

Yes. We believe it’s important to have more venues for independent content and we plan to run stories from freelancers. We’re less interested in editorials or columns and more interested in reportage (audio, visual, text, interpretive art) and Q&A’s with independent content producers who have immersed themselves in their work. We have a focus on social issues, human rights and underrepresented communities. But we are also interested in simply helping good non-fiction work get out there.


Are you paying for content?

Yes. We don’t believe people should work for free. We also link to the work and websites of contributors, and to resources that may be of interest to the stories. Contributors keep the rights to use their work.


How do I send a suggestions or a pitch?

Inquiries can be sent to:

contactatnewsmotion [dot] org

Please be patient for a response and understand we are a small independent organization.